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If you think that Finland is just a country that has people who don’t do much because you never hear from them, then think again. Over 60 of the residents are involved in some type of physical activity on a daily basis. There are over 500 sports clubs in the country. Soccer is one of the most popular sports that men and women play. There are various sporting events almost every day. Ice hockey and Formula One racing are the most popular televised sports in Finland. Finland won Read the rest of this entry »

Latest Highlights From Finland Sports World

For sports fans and enthusiasts, limiting yourself to just the news, events and competitions that can be found locally can be a serious oversight. Looking overseas for the most exciting moments in sports can allow you to discover new athletes, new games and the opportunity to enjoy the most exciting and memorable moments in all of sporting history. Finnish sports news, events and competitions could provide you with the chance to find a whole of enjoyment that you Read the rest of this entry »

Latest Sports For Finland Teams

The snow is still on the ground and that means that it is still hockey season for all of the people in Finland who absolutely love the winter sport. Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the entire country and is one that the country has excelled in during international competitions. The Finnish minor leagues have sent multiple players to the National Hockey League and are always included on an itinerary for scouts looking for the next great hockey player. Finns love to play the sport in arenas and also on frozen lakes that litter the countryside Read the rest of this entry »

Match-Fixing Scandal Stains Integrity of Finnish Soccer

Finland soccer took a huge hit in June of 2011 when a number of players in the Finnish League were implicated in a match-fixing scandal.

A Singaporean man who has been connected to the scandal was charged with bribing players in the league from 2008-2011. Wilson Raj Peruman has been linked to several other suspected fixed matches, including a Zimbabwe national team and a “fake” Togo national team. Peruman and his syndicate reportedly profited up to 2 million for each game they fixed.

While this corruption has created national shame in Finland and bruised the integrity of the sport, the country is doing what it can to stop its match-fixing problem. For starters, the Football Association of Finland and the Finnish people have partnered with INTERPOL to put an end to corruption in the world’s most popular sport.

A workshop was held to educate players about the personal and professional risks associated with being complicit in any type of match fixing. FIFA hopes this will be the beginning of the end for match-fixing problems in Finland. These workshops will continue to be held throughout the year.

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Latest World Sports For Finland Teams

As a rule,sports are a passion for people the world over, and a source of great fun and interest for almost everyone. The scandanavian country of Finland is no exception to this rule. Whether it be in track competitions, football, tennis, “Finnish baseball”, or Pespallo, sports are incredibly popular among the Finns. In global terms however, the most notable sport for the Finns, by far and away, is Ice hockey. Being the most popular sport in Finland, a natural choice Read the rest of this entry »

Latest Finland Sports By Team

Today Finland is getting in top gear for sports and leaving nothing to chance.Talk of football, lawn tennis or athletics. All Finnish sportsmen and women are working to make Finland a worldwide sports hub. The football team may not be the best in The Great Britain, but it is none the less a powerful team.

The occurrence of four seasons is a factor that highly contributes to the kind of sport to be played at a particular time. Winter games are very attractive and seasonal. Being that it is a cold season does not Read the rest of this entry »

World Sports Highlights From Finland

Ice-hockey world cup is normally full of action,often a favorite game among many of the nationals. The game between Sweden vs Finland would be a very hard one to predict given the number of medals Sweden has accumulated over the past years- Finland however has not won any game so far,but,may the best team win. The final matches yesterday were no different. After a very slow first half period with Swedish domination ,the Finland took over and completely knocked off the opponents in the third places.

Things were looking very good for the Sweden Read the rest of this entry »

Finland Sports Highlights For The World

With every country that you travel to there is a major pass time that is so familiar with the nationals,and in Finland it is no different. Sports is a national pastime in Finland,with many of the Finnish visiting sports events on a daily account. Formula one and hockey are common with the media viewers though, the most popular ones are Nordic walking,floor ball,running and skiing.

Finnish sports is one of the major sporting teams in the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Sporting Finland In Latest World News

Finland is a country well known for its sporting activities. The Finn have a reputation of being the most active among their European counterparts. Many children in Finland regard sporting activities as hobbies to be enjoyed. This is as a result of boisterous nature of the Finnish people and their love for activities that bring people together. Among the popular sports are basketball, snowboarding, football, ice hockey,, gymnastics and floorball. The highlight of football in Finland is the Helsinki cup tournament which features participants from different parts of the world. The tournament seeks to present playing skills and is also an opportunity for cultures to interact. Finland is also the world champion in Floorball and has emerged in top positions since the inaugural tournament in 1996. The Snowboarding world cup was held in December of 2011 with Finland emerging at the top position. In 2012, there are many international sports tournaments scheduled to take place in various parts of Finland. Examples of this include the Helsinki athletics championship and the 87th Lahti ski games. In all these sports, Finland is among the strongest participants and hopes to emerge top in various categories. This verifies the country‰Ûªs commitment to sports.