Finland Sports Highlights For The World

With every country that you travel to there is a major pass time that is so familiar with the nationals,and in Finland it is no different. Sports is a national pastime in Finland,with many of the Finnish visiting sports events on a daily account. Formula one and hockey are common with the media viewers though, the most popular ones are Nordic walking,floor ball,running and skiing.

Finnish sports is one of the major sporting teams in the world. In 2004 the team won the Braddy World Championship 2004,which is their first Victory so far. They are often too close to taking the medal. The the elite now play the Bandyliiga. Athletics is also popular with Finnish with Hannes Kolehmainen running hitting the world map at the 1912 summer Olympics. Finland has enjoyed the success of javelin throw from the 1900s to the present day. Therefore, the most popular form of athletics in Finland.

Though very common with most European countries, football is not a very popular sport with the Finnish as it comes after ice-hockey which enjoys a massive fun base with the main league being SM-Iiiga. Normally,it has an average attendance of 4,850 people for every game. Finnish has some of the best sporting actions in the world.

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