World Sports Highlights From Finland

Ice-hockey world cup is normally full of action,often a favorite game among many of the nationals. The game between Sweden vs Finland would be a very hard one to predict given the number of medals Sweden has accumulated over the past years- Finland however has not won any game so far,but,may the best team win. The final matches yesterday were no different. After a very slow first half period with Swedish domination ,the Finland took over and completely knocked off the opponents in the third places.

Things were looking very good for the Sweden up until the eleventh hour of the second period when Finland managed to score 1-1 and that marked the end Swedish in the tournament. The third leg had only Finnish with the game coming to an end with the results of 6-1.This kind of game can be very unpredictable but that is the reason it made news. Giving the Sweden a hard time of dealing with a loss they have not been accustomed to.

Winning might be sweet victory for the Finnish now ,but, keeping the win might pause a great challenge even as they gear up for more sporting action now and in the future.

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