Latest World Sports For Finland Teams

As a rule,sports are a passion for people the world over, and a source of great fun and interest for almost everyone. The scandanavian country of Finland is no exception to this rule. Whether it be in track competitions, football, tennis, “Finnish baseball”, or Pespallo, sports are incredibly popular among the Finns. In global terms however, the most notable sport for the Finns, by far and away, is Ice hockey. Being the most popular sport in Finland, a natural choice given the climate, Ice hockey represents Finland’s most serious contribution to worldwide athletic competition. In 2011, the latest round of the Ice Hockey World Championships took place,held in Slovakia. The Finnish national mens hockey team, Leijonat (or,The Lions) took home a 1st place win and gold medal in a tense face off against the Swedish team. The team is looking forward to a great 2012 season. The Finnish football team, on the other hand, can not be said to be doing as well. Having never placed in the FIFA world cup, the Finnish team did enjoy a period of success between 2007-2009. However, the 2012 season has seen consistent disappointments, and seen the team slip to 76th place.

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