Match-Fixing Scandal Stains Integrity of Finnish Soccer

Finland soccer took a huge hit in June of 2011 when a number of players in the Finnish League were implicated in a match-fixing scandal.

A Singaporean man who has been connected to the scandal was charged with bribing players in the league from 2008-2011. Wilson Raj Peruman has been linked to several other suspected fixed matches, including a Zimbabwe national team and a “fake” Togo national team. Peruman and his syndicate reportedly profited up to 2 million for each game they fixed.

While this corruption has created national shame in Finland and bruised the integrity of the sport, the country is doing what it can to stop its match-fixing problem. For starters, the Football Association of Finland and the Finnish people have partnered with INTERPOL to put an end to corruption in the world’s most popular sport.

A workshop was held to educate players about the personal and professional risks associated with being complicit in any type of match fixing. FIFA hopes this will be the beginning of the end for match-fixing problems in Finland. These workshops will continue to be held throughout the year.

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